Disappointing customer service
August 19 2015 12:24 AM

Dear Sir,

I am sorry to say I am highly disappointed with the customer service of Mowasalat’s  airport  taxi unit from a recent experience of mine.
My son and I took a taxi from Hamad International Airport on our return to Doha after a foreign trip a few days ago. I used my son’s Samsung Galaxy 5 mobile in the car to take a picture of him and when we noticed that its battery was low we switched it off. A few minutes after  reaching home, we realised that we had left the mobile behind.
I immediately rang up the taxi company’s customer complaint centre and an official directed me to go back to the airport where yet another official, in his turn, gave me a number to contact. And this was the same number I had called at home. Back to square one.
Despite a number of calls to the complaint centre after that, they could not trace the phone. I had a talk on phone with the taxi driver too. He said he had not seen my mobile.
I felt the call centre people were often brusque and could have been more polite. They told me that I could contact the police about the missing mobile if I wanted. I just wanted to know whether the driver had checked the car properly, to which I never got any satisfactory reply.
I was just on a trip in Malaysia with another couple whose experience is relevant here. They had hailed a cab to return to the hotel after a sightseeing tour. They left their mobile  in the cab and realised that it was missing only the next day. They neither had the car number nor the driver’s name. But when they approached the hotel reception for assistance, they were told that a taxi driver had come to them the previous night to return the mobile he had found in the car after dropping two guests there. That is exemplary behaviour.
My  experience in Doha was in sharp contrast to that.
Customer service is an art. It builds the organisation’s brand image and the trust between it and its clients.

[email protected]

13 more petrol stations soon

Dear Sir,

Further to the letter “ Needed: More petrol stations” (Gulf Times, August 16) I would like to inform you that Woqod is going to open 13 more fuel stations in and around Doha.
I am working in the estimation section of the main contractor of Woqod. Most of the tenders have already been awarded. Others are going to be awarded soon.
I am confident that the problem will be solved within a year.

Masud Hasan
(e-mail address supplied)

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