Qatar Rail unveils Metro and Lusail tram designs
April 17 2016 01:00 AM
The design of “Al Mehmel” for the Lusail tram combines Qatari heritage and culture with modern technology.

Qatar Rail

Qatar Railways Company (Qatar Rail) has unveiled the designs of the Doha Metro and Lusail Tram vehicles, giving  the public a glimpse of what the new transport systems will look like when they open in 2020.
The exterior designs of the upcoming railway vehicles, “Al Faras” for the Doha Metro and “Al Mehmel” for the Lusail tram  combine Qatari heritage and culture with modern technology.  “Al Faras” – a name given to the Arabian mare – has inspired the design of the Doha Metro driverless trains and their dynamic shape. Since ancient times, mares have been prized in Qatari culture.  
The Doha Metro will be one of the fastest driverless trains in the world and the fastest in the region travelling at 100kmph. The design is custom made for the Doha Metro project and the shape of the windows resembles the mare’s eyes.  The interior is inspired by the progressive architecture present in Doha skyline, combining traditional and modern elements.
“Al Mehmel”, which signifies a “dhow” – the traditional Qatari boat used for pearl fishing – served as the main inspiration for the Lusail Tram design.  “The design concept focused on the sea representing dhow pearl fishing and bringing in the calm, cool, elegant and tranquil elements of that medium to the design,” said a Qatar Rail release. “All these features will be depicted in the design of the trams.”
Commenting on the unveiling, Qatar Rail managing director Abdulla al-Subaie said: “Across our projects, our build and design stages have been guided by the powerful coming together of tradition with modernity.
“Deeply entrenched in Qatari culture and heritage, the Lusail Tram and Doha Metro designs celebrate the convergence of our country’s history with groundbreaking technologies and cutting-edge solutions. We are creating a seamless consumer journey and experience built around the local community’s needs and values.”
Twinned with the train designs is a world-class combination of technologies and solutions that will deliver the ultimate commuter experience powered by two international partnerships.
The first, with a consortium led by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, was signed for a systems package for the Doha Metro. One of the world’s largest projects for a single metro system, the partnership delivers integrated, groundbreaking and automated operations for the Doha Metro – including power, ventilation and a highly advanced railway signaling system – and ultimate passenger comfort.
Commuters will enjoy a smart, driverless experience equipped with advanced safety and security controls, intelligent air conditioning and spacious seating.
In total, 75 trains – consisting of three cars, one of which will be for Gold and Family Class and two for Standard class – will be delivered to Doha Metro: Gold will have 16 seats, Family 26 seats and Standard 88 seats. The metro trains are designed and manufactured by the Kinki Sharyo Compnay at its factory in Osaka, Japan.
The second partnership, a consortium led by Alstom and QDVC, will deliver a fully-integrated Lusail tramway system, including 28 Citadis tramways, power supply equipment, signalling and track works.
“The tram’s full low-floor Citadis will offer high-end passenger comfort and are designed for extreme weather conditions,” the Qatar Rail release said. “Powered by a safe power supply model, the Lusail tram project will employ mechanised track laying technology, which has been proven in 7 cities worldwide for reducing the track installation period by four times.”

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