Inspection of food outlets continues
September 16 2016 07:32 PM
An official inspects chilled poultry products at an outlet.


The Health Inspection Section at Al Khor and Al Thakhira Municipality has continued inspection of food outlets within its jurisdiction, adopting the motto 'Your safety is our top priority.'
The campaign included a visit to a shop selling live chicken at Al Khor City. Dr Ahmed Shadi, a veterinarian at the Health Inspection Section, pointed out the necessary health and hygiene conditions that should be followed at such outlets.

Health inspectors at the meat section of an outlet.

For instance, slaughtered chicken should not be sold or displayed outside the shop, the slaughtering process should be done only in the presence of the customer with the product being delivered immediately, the shop should be a proper building of brick and cement, well-equipped with good floors, and glass and aluminum façade with a minimum total space of 15sqm.
The shop should be well ventilated and sealed against insects and flies with automatic door, and have a source of clean water. In addition, an extra tank of water should be available for the cleaning process. It is not permitted to have toilets inside such shops.
The cages used for chicken should be made of stainless material that can be washed and disinfected. The shop should have also proper equipment to safely dispose off the wastes regularly.

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