Bazm-e-Urdu Qatar hosts poetry evening
September 18 2016 09:57 PM
FOR THE LOVE OF URDU: Members of Bazm-e-Urdu Qatar (BUQ) pose for a group photo at the poetry symposium.

One of the oldest literary community organisations in town, Bazm-e-Urdu Qatar (BUQ) recently organised its monthly Tarahi Mushaira at PNTC Hall, Al Wakrah, to a packed house with people coming from all walks of life, tied by the common love for Urdu language.
Engineer Najmul Hasan Khan, founder and president of Jamia Milia Islamia Alumni Qatar, presided over the function. Engineer Asif Shafi, renowned poet and author of more than six poetry books, was the chief guest while visiting intellectual from Riyadh, Pervaiz Ahmed, the brother of renowned poet Ahmed Ashfaq, attended the function as the guest of honour.
The programme commenced with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Qari Zahid Shaikh. The initial compering was conducted by Ahmed Ashfaq, BUQ general secretary. Shaukat Ali Naz, chairman, BUQ, accompanied the guest on stage. Raquim Azmi, BUQ treasurer, welcomed the guests.
“Such gatherings for promoting Urdu poetry are highly appreciated and I enjoyed the session so much,” said Najmul Hasan, the guest of honour, while talking to the audience. “The standard of today’s ghazals (poetry) was very high and there are very good poets in Qatar. I have come to know that many new poets have joined Bazm-e-Urdu which is a nursery for budding poets and literary persons,” said the chief guest Asif Shafi.
Mohmammad Tahir Jamil, media secretary, BUQ,  convened the mushaira. Two ghazals were received through Whatsapp from outside Qatar, Amjad Ali Sarwar (recited by Ahmed Ashfaq) from Mumbai, India and Dr Aftab Mujahid (recited by Shahid Sultan Azmi) from UP, India.
The prominent local poets who presented their Tarahi ghazals included, Asif Shafi, Ahmad Ashfaq, Shaukat Ali Naz, Mansoor Azmi, Ijaz Haider, Tahir Jamil, Athar Azmi, Sadat Ali Sadat, Mohsin Habib, Raquim Azmi, Anmol Ittefaq, Zareef Baloch, Abbas Abbasi, Raza Hasan and Raza Naqvi.
Ijaz Haider, president, BUQ, proposed the vote of thanks. Prominent among those who attended the mushiara were Dr Tauseef Hashmi, president, Anjuman-e-Mohiban-e-Urdu Hind Khalid Dad Khan, Ibrahim Khan, founder, Anjuman-e-Mohiban-e-Urdu-Hind, renowned poets Shafeeq Akhtar, Asif Nakhuda and Osama Tahir.
The BUQ committee includes chairman Shaukat Ali Naz; vice chairman Mansoor Azmi; president Aijaz Haider; vice president Ather Azmi; secretary-public relations Qaiser Masood; secretary-media coverage Tahir Jamil; and treasurer Raqim Azmi.
Bazm-e-Urdu organises monthly mushaira (poetic gatherings) and annual symposiums, inviting prominent poets from India and Pakistan to present their verses. A number of noted personalities have spoken on topics such as Nazir Akbarabadi, Mir Anis, Akbar Allahabadi, and Bahadur Shah Zafar, famous poets from the subcontinent.
The Bazm has also provided a platform for advancement of cultural, social and literary activities for the entire South Asian community, also involving the poets from GCC countries.
Established in 1959, Bazm is one of the oldest Urdu literary organisations of Qatar with members from India, Pakistan and other countries. The organisation has played a key role in the promotion of Urdu language and literature in Qatar. The forum invited various poets from outside Qatar in 1984 and paved the way for international mushairas in the country.
From 1991 onwards, the forum has been holding objective seminars on legendary maestros. The seminars included Mir Seminar (1991), Iqbal Seminar (1992), Ghalib Seminar (1993), Afsana Seminar (1994), Amir Khusro Seminar (1995), Mir Anis Seminar (1996), Akbar Allahabadi Seminar (2003), Hali Seminar (2006), Zauq Seminar (2007), Nazir Akbarabadi Seminar (2009) and Bahadur Shah Zafar Seminar (2011).
Bazm’s office-bearers include Amjad Ali Sarwar (former chairman), Syed Fahim-ud-din (president), Mansoor Azami (senior vice president), Ijaz Haider (vice president), Ahmad Ashfaque (general secretary), Anwar Karim (senior joint secretary), Qaisar Masood (joint secretary), Tahir Jamil (media secretary), Fakhruddin Razi (PR secretary), Mahfuz Hassan (treasurer) and Salal Yousuf (media adviser).

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Asaamualaikum, I want to membership, what should i do. ?
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