Samsung planning smartphones with 1TB of storage
January 30 2019 07:18 PM


Your current phone probably has 64 or 128 GB of memory, meaning you likely have to often delete photos to make space. Samsung says it's now planning to put an end to that with a whole terabyte of storage space in its next smartphone generation.

South Korean tech giant Samsung is declaring war on smartphone storage limitations, announcing the mass production of a new, massive 1 terabyte memory drive for smartphones.

Yes, that's right: one whole TB of internal storage on your smartphone. That means you will no longer have to go through your images every few months to select which picture of your beloved pet or which selfie you just have to delete.

Samsung says this development is an ‘industry first’ and that it is the equivalent of having ‘storage capacity comparable to a premium notebook PC’ on your mobile device.

This amount of storage will allow users to keep up to 240 4K UHD videos that are 10 minutes long each on their smartphone. To compare, most high-end smartphones out there today can store around 13 videos of this size.

Even 512 GB is hard enough to come by on phones, and it costs upwards of 1,000 dollars to get an iPhone Xs or Samsung Note 9 with this much storage. As such, it will likely cost a pretty penny to get a phone with double the current maximum storage capacity.

The 1 TB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) will also significantly increase transmission speeds of diverse media content.

Although Samsung makes no reference itself as to whether this technology will be included in the next Galaxy S10 series, tech reporters and bloggers are treating it as a given.

The South Koreans however did say that they expect a ‘strong demand’ for the 1 TB eUFS, and that the company will be gearing up to meet this demand by expanding its Korean production plant in the first half of 2019.

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