Mother — sheet anchor in life, and memory
March 21 2019 01:29 AM

By Mudassir Raja

Mother’s Day is a little tribute to acknowledge the selfless love and compassion that mothers shower on their children.
Community talked to five women from different countries to learn what they think about motherhood, their relationship with their mothers, and one memorable thing their mothers had done for them that they cherish.

Evgeniya Goncharova

Evgeniya Goncharova is a Russian artist. She has been living in Qatar for 12 years with her Syrian husband. She said: “For me, my mother is like a life guide. She is the most important thing in my life after God. She was so important for me that I used to do everything just to impress her.
“The best thing she taught me is to be honest to myself. That is the only way we can be honest to others. That is the only way we can share our ideas with others. Till today, I know no other way to reach out to others. If you are honest to yourself, you can have better understanding of life.”
She added: “Every day is Mother’s Day. For my family, March is a feminist month in the real sense. My grandmother’s date of birth is March 7. We celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 and my mother was born on March 9. We have Mother’s Day on March 21.”

Precious Gudza

Precious Gudza is a Zimbabwean hairstylist. She said: “My mother is my rock. She has given up her personal needs and desires for me. She is always an ear that is ready to listen to me and then advise me any day and time. She is my number one fan. I have two children myself and my mother decided to be a full time grandmother to take care of them so that I could pursue my dreams and fly. “When we are together, it’s the most wonderful time. She wants to know about my experiences and my dreams. She pushes me to be a better person and always reminds me to stay humble.“My mother gave up her teaching career to take care of my children so that I could move to Doha and pursue my dreams. That act of selflessness and sacrifice changed my whole perception of life itself.”

Mala Waseem
Mala Waseem is a Pakistani visual artist living in Qatar. She said: “My relationship with my mom is always one of respect, love, care and understanding. Honestly speaking, it is like working and volunteering with a fussy boss — a boss who is also a perfectionist.
“To me motherhood means selflessness, courage and confidence. My mother has always been a role model, encouraging us to follow the truth no matter how hard the truth is.
“Exactly 13 years ago, when I became a mother of a beautiful daughter, I experienced the reality of being a mother. So from that time onwards, I too become a fussy boss, trying to be a perfectionist. I have a huge applause for my shelter, my Miss perfectionist; my Ammi [mother] Mussarat Jabeen.

Milan Arun
Milan Arun is an Indian businesswoman and former president of Indian Cultural Centre. She said: “A relationship of reliance formed our bond which was mutual. She was the sculptor who chiselled my attitude and approach to life. Motherhood is the protective shelter above any child till such time the child in growing becomes a mother. My arms which always stretched out to receive a hug of comfort and confidence from my mother turned to receiving her into my arms to give her the same. This legacy leads on as I now see myself in my daughter and this is motherhood for me. Motherhood makes a women complete and there is an incomparable spirituality in this expression of love which sustains through eons.
“Reliance is dependence, confidence, trust and belief. Whilst at collage, I requested my mother’s permission to go for a movie a day before my exams. After faring well in the exams, I asked her how unlike other parents she chose to say ‘ok’. Her answer ‘I trust you’ was a simple but strong incident at a tender age, which installed the confidence and belief that I am dependable which I carry deeply in my heart and practice to this day. When you lose such a sheet anchor, you grapple with memories to move forward in life. Two years ago even as I mourned her loss I was torn between grief and service. Within a month of her passing away, in commitment of her memory, I channelled all my grief with uncompromising commitment to serve at the Indian Cultural Centre as its first female president. A position — among others — saw me essaying the role of a mother and daughter to many more. Thus I see my beloved Maa [mother] in every mother and daughter.”

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