Baladna distributes 10,000 litres of long-life milk in Ramadan tents
May 25 2019 08:50 PM
The collaboration is part of the ‘Qatari products supporting charity’ campaign.
The collaboration is part of the ‘Qatari products supporting charity’ campaign.


Baladna Food Industries, in collaboration with Qatar Charity (QC), is distributing 10,000 litres of long-life milk (UHT) among workers in Al Thakira and Al Khor Ramadan tents.

The milk will also be distributed to families in need, Baladna has said in a statement. The collaboration is part of the ‘Qatari products supporting charity’ campaign.

“We take pride in our collaboration with QC. The work they have done over the years has been extraordinary and helped millions of people. The essence of Ramadan lies in giving back to the community and we believe in continuing our commitment to Qatar and its people. The workers are an integral part of Qatar’s future and need to be supported by all entities. Baladna will continue to support the local communities in every way possible way, as having a comprehensive corporate social responsibility is part of our core values,” said Saba al-Fadala, Baladna’s Public Relations and Communication director.

Ali al-Ghareeb, director of the Local Development Department at Qatar Charity, added: “At QC, we value Baladna Food Industries’ initiative. Their contribution supports blue-collared workers and low-income families during the holy month of Ramadan in tents located in Al Khor and Al Thakira. This is part of their corporate social responsibility and support initiatives for charitable causes.

"QC is open to contributions from both government and private entities, to improve services provided to the local communities in various sectors."

Baladna stressed that it has been "an active contributor to the Qatari economy over the past few years". As a result of the blockade, Baladna accelerated the diversification of products to help enhance its role in meeting the country’s self-sufficiency goals, it added.

QC has set up 45 tents across Qatar during Ramadan 2019, benefiting 350,000 blue-collared workers. Iftar meals have been handed out to labourers in the Industrial Area and homesteads, benefiting 39,000 workers. Additionally, charity food packages have also been handed out to 10,000 low-income families.

Overall, 3.4mn people from some 30 countries have benefited from QC’s initiatives this year, the statement adds.

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