Qatar hosting 31 Bahrainis after Manama declines offer to fly them home
March 28 2020 11:53 PM
Government Communications Office (GCO)
Government Communications Office (GCO)

Qatar has been providing 31 Bahraini citizens with accommodation in a quarantine hotel in Doha after they arrived in the country on a Qatar Airways flight from Iran.

In a statement on Saturday, the Government Communications Office said: "As Bahrain does not allow commercial flights from Qatar, the State of Qatar inquired with officials in Bahrain as to how Qatar could assist in the travellers efforts to return home.

"Qatar offered to fly the Bahraini citizens on a private charter flight to Bahrain at no expense to the government of Bahrain or the individuals, but the Bahraini authorities declined this option.

"As the health and safety of all individuals in Qatar, and around the world, is paramount at this time, the Ministry of Public Health has administered coronavirus tests for the 31 Bahraini citizens and provided them with accommodation in a quarantine hotel at no cost to them or the government of Bahrain."

The statement expressed Qatar's hope, that by the end of this two-week quarantine, the government of Bahrain will allow their citizens to return home, pointing that if they do not, Qatar will continue to provide them with hospitality and care.

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