Bangladesh envoy lauds Qatar
June 06 2020 10:06 PM
Ashud Ahmed
Ashud Ahmed

The ambassador of Bangladesh, Ashud Ahmed, has hailed Qatar saying the country has shown the way and given a lesson to the world on how to overcome challenges.

“Ask Qatar how to respond to a siege and the country will teach how to overcome such difficulties. Qatar has shown exemplary courage in defeating the blockade,” Ahmed told Gulf Times.

The envoy stressed that Qatar turned an adversity into an opportunity. “The country and its wise leadership dealt with the emergency in a novel way. Shortages were resolved and the government ensured the availability of essential commodities through timely intervention and by closely monitoring the developments,” he said.

Eventually, Ahmed noted, the blockade helped Qatar take advantage of the crisis. The resultant multifaceted progress paved the way towards attaining self-sufficiency in various sectors, including production. “This can be termed as nothing short of a stepping stone in Qatar’s journey towards standing on its own feet,” he said.

The ambassador said Qatar won the hearts of its expatriate community members by ensuring their welfare. “The issues faced by expatriates were equally considered and duly addressed by the leadership. From the authorities, the expatriates witnessed an approach that is the same as the one for citizens when it comes to welfare and meeting daily requirements,” he explained.

According to the Bangladeshi envoy, his country played its part well by staying together with Qatar. “Bangladesh expressed its solidarity with Qatar and the expatriates here continued to work for the development of the country. Our workforce has been part of the FIFA 2022 World Cup projects and worked for their successful completion,” he said.

They have contributed to the development of the country by working hard and abiding by the rules and regulations of the country, he added.

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