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January 14 2021 12:19 AM
Hala Bader al-Humaidhi
Hala Bader al-Humaidhi

By Hala Bader al-Humaidhi

We suffer in our societies from what is known as the persistence and encroachment of others on our rights, and our needs unjustly mentioned, which leads the individual to tension and nervousness, and a sense of weakness and humiliation, and this situation has clear reasons, motives, and solutions to get rid of such cases in where we will explain them.

Reasons for the persistence of individuals:
There are several reasons that push people to deal with others in a kind of ignorance, and insult to their privacy, and among these reasons are:
The weakness of the insulted person, because he often allows others to interfere and control everything that belongs to him, and he also allows them to take decisions that are supposed to stem from within him and result from his thinking.  
Selfishness in some people, the trait of selfishness is one of the ugliest qualities that an individual may carry, making him ignore and violate the rights of others in exchange for getting what he wants.  
Curiosity, and this is a new phenomenon in societies, from which some parties suffer, as it gives the person himself the right to know information with which he has no involvement, and in this case the failure to deter the individual makes him develop to reach control over what is not his concern.

How do I set boundaries with others?
Set boundaries with others is an art that we must learn, and add to it a kind of tact and sophistication.  In order not to hurt others, and thus protect ourselves from the intrusions of small minds, and from the ways that help the individual to set limits for others:
Self-respect, high self-confidence, away from vanity, as well as respect for others, and the distinction between humour and seriousness, it is not allowed to belittle people in any way, and that simply gives others a reason to hate you, ignore you, and not give you confidence to do business, and even insult you, and interfere in your privacy and your decisions.  
Alert others in the event that someone crosses his limits with you, so let it be courteous, courteous and respectful, away from problems and disagreements, because most of these points come out of ignorance or unintentionally, and in the event that the person does not pay attention to the warning, then he intends to insult, and it is better to stay away from him.  
Stay away from people that are curious or selfish, and ignore them! Because such people put pressure on you, you are indispensable.

* The author is a consultant in Public Relations and Personality Types. Instagram: @Tipsbyhalahill

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