QU marks Palestinian Land Day with talent competition
April 16 2021 05:57 PM
A view of the Qatar University campus.
A view of Qatar University campus

In solidarity with the Palestinian Land Day which is marked on March 30, Qatar University’s (QU) Elia Club and Youth for Jerusalem Association organised a talent competition, encouraging all the artists of the community.
The competition aimed to teach the details and facts of Palestinian Land Day, combining the principle of preserving homelands, understanding the importance of preserving Islamic sanctities, and enhancing the spirit of initiative.
The competition was announced on March 25 through the social media and concluded on March 30, which is The Palestinian Land Day. The number of participants reached close to 40 and included artists in calligraphy, drawing, photography, writers, and poets.
The posts were presented to two judges for their evaluation: Professor Ali Emad El-Din, specialist in the Brand and Creative Services Department to evaluate artistic talents, and Iman Badran, teacher with a BA in Islamic law and Arabic language and author of many books.
The results of the competition were announced on April 8, in which three winners were selected of their literary talent and three for their artistic talent.
Mohamed Abdawi won the first place in the literary section, Fatima al-Hattab the second place and Mohamed al-Odaini third.
Jassim al-Dahshan won the first place, Baraa al-Zebdeh came second and Lalla Ahmed third in the drawing competition.

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